CBD Oil Now Legal in Indiana

CBD Oil Now Legal in IndianaCannabidiol (CBD) is making inroads in the Midwest.

In March, Indiana State Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill into effect declaring the potent plant legal for sale and purchase in the state.

“Indiana lawmakers delivered a bill that ensures Hoosiers who benefit from CBD oil can access it,” Governor Holcomb explained. “The bill provides much needed clarity, with labeling requirements and a 0.3% THC limit on CBD products. I’m grateful for the General Assembly’s hard work to bring me a bill to address the needs expressed by our citizens.”

Like other states, Indiana recognizes the threshold for THC content to be 0.3% or lower. Plants with such a low amount of THC are known to be non-psychoactive (do not cause a high).

The medical benefits of CBD are still being researched.

Source: Governor signs bill making CBD oil legal in Indiana.

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